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Make sure the slide/page aspect ratio is set to 35mm slides (3:2)

  • Many presentation programs use "onscreen" by default. This results in black edges on the left and right side of the slide.

Leave a minimum ½" safety margin around the information to appear on the slide

  • Otherwise part of the information may be lost after the slide is mounted.

Use the spell checker (if your application has one)

  • The dictionary may not be able to help with technical terms but it can help you avoid many common mistakes

Avoid too much information

  • 1-10 lines of information on a slide works best. If there are too many lines the audience is so busy reading that they forget to listen…

Keep the capitalization consistent

  • This is not essential but does give the presentation a more professional look. Use "ALL CAPS" or "Title Case" for the titles and "Sentence case" for the body.

Use high contrast

  • Dark backgrounds with light text works best. Avoid red text on blue background (very poor contrast - on a B/W TV red and blue looks the same)

Provide your imaging bureau with a list of fonts used

  • Use TrueType fonts when possible. Many applications allow you to embed TrueType fonts (thereby eliminating problems if your service bureau doesn't have the fonts you used in the slide presentation)

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* Tel: (310) 396-4421 *
eMail: 4Slidemaker@Gmail.Com


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